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The most relaxed and beautiful public wine event I have ever been to! Already in its 3rd edition, Vinho ao Vivo happens each year by the Tagus river, precisely in Belém, near the spot from where the Caravelles left for the Discoveries in the 16th Century.

The theme is now the re-discovery  of European Terroirs, mostly through wines using organic or biodynamic practices.

Bathed by the magical light of Lisbon at Sunset, the beautifully designed Restaurante Al Margem becomes the setting for a unique experience of wine, live music, food and lanscape. The event naturally turns into a party, where people meet, get to know an impressive selection of great wines, and have a lot of fun - which is the whole point!

There are so many "serious" tastings in so many "serious" atmospheres, each year, that to have an event that combines a high level of professionalism with pure enjoyment is really like a breath of fresh air.

This we owe to the talent and passion of Nadir and Sílvia, founders of "Os Goliardos", an absolutely unique wine "institution" in Lisbon. In a totally knowlegeable yet unpretentious way, they run a wine bar/ shop, organise tastings and courses, and a small distribution of exclusive wines. These are from France, Italy, Germany, Spain and of course, you can also find there the "oddities" from the Portuguese weirdest producers, among which Aphros ranks.